Glitz and Grandeur of a Spring Wedding
  • May 29th, 2019
  • Exito

Top 9 trends to ensure the Spring Wedding.

Spring is that time of the year when there is life blooming evidently all around. The trees are green and flowery, and each being is celebrating life in their own way! Now is there a better time to celebrate love and union than spring? If you are planning a spring wedding, you might want to have a look at these top trends relevant to the same!

A Spring wedding is all about balance! The not so cool and not so hot weather, the not so dark and not so basic colors, and the not too bold and not too feeble themes. Spring weddings are the right mix of simplistic extravagance. Wedding planners are trying to keep up with the latest trends of spring weddings, and some of them are mentioned below:

Destination Spring Wedding
A destination wedding at an exotic location with a spring theme is a one of its kind wedding arrangement suited best for a luxury wedding!

Pastel Palette and details
A color palette inspired by nature and delicate summer hues having shades of blue, yellow, pink, green, and grey is the ultimate palette for a spring wedding theme. Some gold here and there could also be incorporated for creating outstanding décor pieces. Even the grooms and groomsmen can drop regular black tuxes and pick up soothing pastel hues from best in class spring wedding collections.

Outdoor Setups
A spring wedding is meant to be an outdoor affair. One of the best and most premium events that are scheduled in spring are executed in outdoor setups to integrate the beauty of nature for amplifying the magnanimity of the event. Event planners continuously scout for such venues and create impeccable experiences for their clients going for a spring wedding!

Exotic Flowers Decor
Spring is all about flowers! At a typical spring wedding, there would be flowers everywhere and florists become a major part of the wedding; flowers on the table, in the aisle, on hair, on dresses, on the stage arch, on the cake, with the bouquets, and sometimes even in the desserts and refreshments for flavor or presentation!

Wedding Lights
Wedding lights can make a simple and a blunt setting all the more dramatic. It lifts up the ambiance and helps draw the attention of the guests. Wedding decorations are absolutely incomplete without wedding lights, on the other hand, wedding lights could be just enough to ensure a perfectly well-decorated wedding Setup.

Wedding Favors
Giving away plant seeds as wedding favors is a unique idea for a spring wedding. Carnations, Forget-me-nots, Sunflowers, Sweet pea, and Lavender are a few brilliant choices. Apart from flowers, one can also opt for Basil, Parsley, and Oreganos.

Wedding Cake
Spring colors like pink and yellow look amazing on the food, and what that is edible is better than a cake? The cake is a crucial element of a wedding. A spring wedding cake demands flowers and bright colors.

Nature photoshoot
The beauty of outdoors and the natural light create mesmerizing canvasses for amazing photographs. A pre-wedding or an engagement photoshoot out in nature would capture the essence of a spring wedding in the best way possible.

Floral Crowns and Tiaras
A floral accessory for hair gives a fresh look to your wedding attire. You can go with a bold floral crown with a matching bouquet, or a light string floral tiara depending on one’s personality and wedding wardrobe.

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