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  • May 29th, 2019
  • Exito

How to plan for a Destination Wedding in Dubai.

Dubai, located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, is a confluence of virgin beaches, leisure malls, sky shattering structures, UNESCO world heritage sites, Artificial Islands and countless man-made wonders which rank this city seventh in the worlds’ most visited.

Located right in the middle of Europe, Africa and Asia, Dubai is the melting pot for people coming from diverse communities and cultures. Homely; for its understated Arab hospitality and opulent; for its nonpareil lifestyle, Dubai is fast gaining popularity as the most preferred destination for luxury weddings.

Polo fields which come with horse drawn carriages, golfing fairways spread across 265 acres, French Riviera styled neighborhoods, long and private beachfronts, rooftop bars opposite skyscrapers and many such exotic venues pedal in a grand entry for the bride and bridegroom.
Host an intimate gathering for 60 on the Marina or a boisterous feast for 2500 guests at Grand Hyatt. Fuss over the lounge appeal with a figs and blue lace theme, conduct a rehearsal dinner with popular cuisines from all around the world, attempt a Guinness world record with the longest marigold chain; all in the city of gold.

With Dubai’s hassle-free, tourism policies, it’s now possible to keep everyone happy. Well, at least for a few days. Rush for an adrenaline pump with dune bashing, stable touring, sky diving, thunder spins at waterparks or stretch the length of a minute in temperature controlled infinity pools.

Dine at restaurants that see guests proposing every second week, stand from the worlds’ tallest building and see the fireworks below, shop duty-free goods at the worlds’ largest mall which has also the world’s largest candy store.

And come back home to a singular water villa overlooking the Arabian or an underwater suite.

The weddings at Dubai keep getting bigger, fatter and better. Not a coincidence then that the Dubai festival season concurs with the peak wedding season which is from October to May. Its tourism board’s appeal- Discover all that’s possible, encapsulates the magnanimity of excitement which rides high throughout the wedding event

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