Lead Generation

A great deal of a company’s success at the marketplace relies on the approach towards generating and nurturing leads. A good and effective lead generation strategy is the key to shorten the sales cycle, hence generating more business in a shorter span of time. By studying the trends of the sales cycle, and understanding the marketing funnel, we deduce the definition of an ideal lead for a company and then generate leads, qualified through in-depth probing.


  • Leads are generated by Exito after understanding client’s business requirements
  • Profiled, validated with the client, and passed on to Tele-Services
  • Quality and relevance validated through calls
  • Delivery measured on end-results
  • Data shared with the client


  • Leads are provided by client based on specific criteria
  • Profiled through Tele-Marketing
  • Delivery measured on process stage based outcomes
  • Data shared with the client

Lead Generation and Profiling Process


Lead Nurturing

Just generating leads is not enough. If left unattended, the leads go cold and the whole purpose and effort of generating quality leads are dissolved. Hence, it is important to nurture the lead and follow up with the right information and relevant content about the company, its solutions, and the value proposition of a business association.

Our niche deliverables –

  • Target company summary – Info including the company's initiative, growth opportunity, and pain points.
  • Current prospect’s business relations with the current vendor and the USPs of the vendor ecosystem.
  • A real-life SWOT analysis is proven by in-depth research.
  • Insights regarding the purchase and the solution implementation
  • Insights about the business needs and the budgets associated.
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