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  • June 27th, 2023
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Maximizing ROI from Business Events: Tips and Tactics

Business events, such as conferences, summits and Tech gatherings are said to be a great investment for businesses to skyrocket their company’s visibility by showcasing their products and services, networking with industry experts and generating leads.

However, participating or organizing in elite business events is not an easy task. It comes bearing significant amount of investment in time, resources and budget. To ensure that your events provide a great return on investment, it’s important to plan wisely, adopt tips and strategies that increase the overall outcome of the event.

This comprehensive blog will help you navigate the best possible ways in which you can leverage the business conferences with maximum ROI thereby cutting down on any unnecessary expenditures:

  1. Utilization of social media platforms and increased online promotion:

In today’s era, Social Media is widely used to spread awareness and attract the right audience. The usage of social media is potent when it comes to raising awareness about business events.

There are multiple ways in which social media platforms could be used in the promotion of the event, including:

  • Pre-event promotion: Sharing event updates on different platforms with relevant hashtags
  • Live event coverage: Using platforms like Facebook and Instagram Live to live stream the key highlights of the event
  • Post-event engagement: Sharing post-event highlights and video recap of the event as well as encouraging attendees to share feedback to ensure a lasting impact of the conference.
  1. Prior research on the location of the event:

No matter how many times we emphasize this point, it’s not enough. The location of the event is a huge factor in determining the success and ROI of the overall event. If the location is not an easy point of access for the attendees or if the location is highly overpriced for the organizers, the ROI may not be as expected.

One key tip would be to choose a location that is easily accessible by the attendees. That way, all the attendees from your desired attendee list will show up and nobody would be disappointed.

On another note, Business events in India are gaining a lot of popularity considering the fact that India offers a vast market for various industries. one such city in India that provides a vibrant ecosystem for business events is Bangalore. Hosting business events in Bangalore means getting an opportunity to connect with the most tech-savvy audience, making it an ideal destination for business conferences.

Whereas when it comes to the foreign market, Business events in Europe are highly popular and advantageous as the continent offers a range of opportunities in terms of finance and innovation.

  1. Measuring the metrics for determining event ROI:

If you wish to maximize the ROI of your future events, then it’s crucial to measure the ROI of the past events and discover what areas you need to improve on. Key performance indicators such as rate of registration, average cost per participant, brand’s visibility will give the organizer a clear picture of the expenses incurred and the revenue generated at the events.

  1. Building effective professional relationships:

One of the ways in which both attendees and organizers can increase ROI is by networking with the industry peers present at the conference. Just networking won’t do any wonders. What really makes an impact is the way in which you network and approach potential experts.

Here’s how you can impress the industry peers and build meaningful relationships with them:

  • Approach with confidence
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Find Common Ground

Business Events have the potential to bring in huge revenue to organizations across various fields. Leveraging the right resources, curating a filtered attendee list, creating a decent budget and networking and collaborating in the right manner can generate a massive ROI and boost your organization’s growth rate.

We hope the above blog instilled you with ample insights required for maximizing the ROI from Business events. If you’d like to learn from industry peers about the latest tech trends in your industry, this is just the place for you.We specialize in hosting and organizing a wide range of business events in India as well as other countries, catering to the tech needs of diverse industries.

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