• May 29th, 2019
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WedTech catalyzing the revolution of the Wedding Industry

Wedding planning customs may vary by religion, culture, and nation but one factor remains constant: the hustle-bustle and excitement of wedding preparation. The technology of today enables us to do things quicker and be linked 24/7. Moreover, most couples are natives and utilize mobile and internet services. However, what about wedding planning? Are couples and wedding planners keen to take advantage of technologies when planning weddings? They absolutely are!

The What and Why of WedTech

Over the years, technology has revolutionized how we attend and plan events. New opportunities have opened for sharing information, enhance attendee participation, and better planning. Meanwhile, two extremes have been seen by the wedding world. In some ways, the industry has managed to remain “old-school” with regard to preparation processes and customs. Wedding partners have been pioneers of social networking and constantly looked to adopt tendencies. Fast forward to the marriage business and 2015 is witnessing an exciting combination of old and new.

Thanks to wedding technology, many wedding planning procedures are becoming simpler, accessible, and enjoyable. There are mobile and online tools for wedding planners and for couples who want to venture in preparing themselves for the risen bar of expectations from the client end, who are on the lookout for new and unique ways of making their special day even more special.

Interaction and attendee participation is critical to run successful events and weddings are no exception. WedTech startups are currently revolutionizing the way we approach planning a wedding but also the way they are attended by us as guests. They enable interaction and collaboration. It seems like a personalized wedding hashtag will become as a significant component as the wedding gown itself.

What WedTech Does

Technology tools are intended to ease the hustle and bustle of wedding planning and make it even more enjoyable for all parties involved. Additionally, it helps couples and wedding partners to create a wedding experience that is personal and unique.

Though a number of WedTech startups are focusing on a product or support others are currently providing a range of planning tools to the wedding planner. There is a huge amount of e-commerce tools that allows you to buy and sell wedding merchandise. There are several companies that are re-thinking the habits of wedding planning world. There are resources that can help you to construct your own wedding website, send Digital Invitations to save time and money providing a plethora of design options, organize the wedding layout and create guest list, collaborate with people you want to for discussing wedding ideas and styles, search for unique venues, browse wedding inspirations and ideas, sharing details and pictures live at the wedding, create a digital photo-booth, and crowdfund a honeymoon.

Weddings are a lucrative market for tech startups to tap into. A growing number of companies are focusing on creating Wedding Technology. WedTech is at its early growth stage but the stakes are high. With the emerging businesses, the question is which companies and services will stay and thrill and which will evaporate in history.

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