Unrealistic wedding day expectations
  • May 29th, 2019
  • Exito

Unrealistic Wedding Day Expectations: How to prepare the Bride and Groom

Weddings have always been a grand affair across the cultures and the regions, over the years the wedding industry has scaled impeccably to infuse fresh concepts and creative elements to uplift the longing for exclusivity among the couples engaging in nuptials. Today one of the challenges that the wedding planning industry faces is to match up the unrealistic wedding day expectations of clients who have nurtured unreasonable fetishes inspired by the weddings they have witnessed or heard of. With the advent of social media drawing inspirations have been facilitated to a great extent but at the same time, it is even invoking unreasonable aspirations among the bride and groom that cannot be entertained. Spoilt with multiple social media platforms the millennial crowd hasn’t refrained from fashioning a bubble of whims that are often fulfilled with exorbitant resources and budget.

Adding to the challenges of a wedding planner are reality TV shows like The wedding story, bridezillas, say yes to the dress etc. which have exhibited opulence and wedding themes to a revering standard that has often led the consumers to be captivated and expect something similar. The desire to outdo the magnificence reflected at the wedding of a friend or family etches a strong drive among the bride and groom these days.

To ensure as a wedding planner one is able to stand up to the expectations of the bride and groom and deliver them experiences that they would cherish all their lives, the foremost thing that a wedding planner needs to accomplish is transparency in communication and understanding the needs and requirements of the client. It is prudent to address the feasibility aspects of the unconventional requests of the client at the very beginning so that the expectations can be aligned with the deliverables. A strong emphasis should be laid on drawing the budget for the wedding which should be realistic, falling in line with the expectations and guests to be entertained.

To ensure the planning remains flawless throughout without any hiccups it is always recommended to draw a detailed timeline where the expected deliverables on due dates are listed out with the vendor responsibilities and the agents liaised with, a wedding planner should also ensure to take frequent follow-ups from the associates on their undertakings to avoid any last minute glitch that ruins the show. One of the most crucial and widely deliberated aspect is the collaboration with the suppliers and how comfortable are the clients with the same, though the call is often taken by a wedding planner even the client should relate to the work of the suppliers, with agreement to their work and value addition to the bigger cause.

The most crucial facet which can contribute to a successful execution is the trust on a wedding planners’ expertise by the client, there needs to be a certain room for the creative liberty of a wedding planner who can bring great ideas and concepts to reality. Apart from the professional approach, a wedding planner should be zealous and inspired to explore new avenues to offer their clients memorable experiences that they can cherish throughout their lives. So, if it requires a wedding planner to walk an extra mile to deliver the same to the bride and groom, one shouldn’t hesitate as the wedding planner is the one who is shaping the memories of a lifetime for the couple.

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