Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce
  • May 29th, 2019
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Artificial Intelligence in e-Commerce

With the increasing internet penetration, the e-commerce Business is flourishing in India. E-commerce firms in India have been in a cut-throat rivalry, all of them striving hard to outdo another. A number of successful e-commerce organizations are deploying artificial intelligence to build improved products, user expertise, smarter logistics, target the ideal demographics, and also be the favored alternative for their clients. They realize that distinction is essential to their survival in a challenging sector.

Let’s analyze the Best 3 E-Commerce companies in India by market share– Flipkart, Amazon India, and Myntra are utilizing AI. According to the estimates of India’s Economic Times, Flipkart and its own independently-run subsidiary Myntra, collectively own a market share of 38.5percent while Flipkart alone has a talk of about 34%. Amazon India constitutes 29% market share. It may be noted that these are privately-held businesses which do not share their earnings or market share numbers and frequently dispute the amounts the analyst and media companies generate.

Partnership with Microsoft

Microsoft to supply customers in India much better internet shopping services. As a primary step from the wide collaboration between both businesses, Flipkart has embraced Microsoft Azure, the private cloud system.

Flipkart stated in a statement it intends to leverage AI, machine learning and analytics capabilities in Azure, including Cortana Intelligence Suite and Power BI, to maximize its information for advanced merchandising, advertising, and client support.

Flipkart’s project MIRA is directed to give an offline experience to online shopping. The job seems to be an answer to Flipkart’s reported 10-11% yield rate. The aim of this project would be to scale the in-store experience of owning a sales partner — but through artificial intelligence and via electronic channels. Flipkart’s customers with broad purpose (looking for, say, shoes or bedsheets) are directed with pertinent queries, conversational filters, shopping ideas, and trending groups.

Flipkart can be expanding its own existence at the Silicon Valley in the United States and focusing on AI-based goods by taking advantage of world-class research centers in the Valley.

Amazon India – India business operations

Amazon is dedicated to long-term investment in technology and infrastructure in India, where AI is a crucial technology it’s spent in. Amazon India has employed machine learning and AI at a Number of places. Described are a number of these areas under:

Correcting Addresses

Addresses in India aren’t well Structured and frequently users enter incorrect addresses (e.g. incorrect pin code or town name) or address with lost data (e.g. missing road name). Incorrect addresses cause bundles to miss delivery dates and result in unsuccessful deliveries. The business has been utilizing machine learning methods to detect spam addresses, calculate address quality scores, and right city-pin code mismatches, and supply tips for users to fix wrong addresses.

Catalog defects

Item catalog defects like missing attributes such as brand, color or poor-quality images can negatively affect consumer experience. The business is utilizing AI and machine learning to extract missing feature information including brand or color from merchandise titles and graphics.

Product Size Recommendations

In groups such as sneakers and other apparel, distinct brands frequently have different size traditions. By way of instance, a catalog size 6 might correspond to a physical dimension of 15 cm to get Reebok while for Nike a catalog size 6 might correspond to a physical dimension of 16 cm.

Deals for Occasions

Machine learning is accustomed to identifying typically the products which are in high demand or get high quantities of lookup queries and review sites throughout the festival period. Machine Learning algorithms also forecast the discounts and deals to provide the goods to attain a certain sales prediction that assists in better preparation.

System on previous holiday purchase information and present purchase action, a system could have the ability to calibrate the demand more correctly so as to sell goods at the ideal costs to either (a) move specific items at large quantity, or (b) maximize profit margins by proposing the maximum margin products to consumers throughout the festival season.

Myntra (acquired by Flipkart)

The AI initiatives of fashion e-tailer Myntra are centered around three verticals, i.e., Product, Expertise, and Logistics

Product/ Merchandise
Myntra enables intelligent fashion via its AI platform called ‘Rapid’. ‘Fast Fashion’ or ‘Quick fashion’ is described as a modern term used by fashion retailers to state that design proceeds from catwalk fast enough to catch the present trends in fashion.

This can dramatically decrease the time required to make a style merchandise to a few weeks in the generally long 9-14 weeks’ lifecycle. According to the available sales statistics, the technology figures out exactly what characteristics are selling. Then, according to this, the designers begin producing the trend products. Myntra appears to have gone a step farther in mechanically designing its own style solutions. This February, they found completely machine generated layouts for T-shirts.

Myntra is utilizing machine Learning to enhance the payment. As per an analysis from the Institute for Business in the International Context (IBGC), online payments trades typically neglect in India because of 2 different set of explanations.

2.The Second is the banks, that supply obtaining services in almost any payment transactions, are inclined to have poor IT systems. The financial programs in India could be down to anywhere around 4-5 hours at a time, making the experience incredibly frustrating for clients.
Machine learning facilitates information regarding the best Payment gateway the payment has to be hauled through, hence making the process of paying more convenient, faster, and less frustrating.

Myntra additionally enriches the user experience by providing the proper recommendations based on which a client has seen or purchased previously. It utilizes “collaborative filtering, which prompts product recommendations to a single individual based on what another individual has recently bought and helps match the styles which go well with specific products.


As clients often complain about overdue refunds, Myntra would like to create its returns policy much more effective as it considers that yields are an essential component of the fashion sector — that depends upon dimensions, matches, and tastes which make yields more prevalent than other businesses (distinguished products like apparel have a tendency to have higher yield rates than undifferentiated goods).

By assessing a client’s previous returns routines, Myntra’s ‘Sabre’, which is an AI-based system that would enable quicker refunds to the buyers that have a good buying and return record in the past.

It needs to be noted that businesses in the scale of Myntra (i.e. big online retailers) have been in the ideal place to detect fraud, even since they have the most cases of both valid and fraudulent activity on document, letting them train machine learning methods to forecast fraud based on stronger contextual and historical information.

Myntra is also planning to decrease its rate of return. A greater RTO translates into greater reductions because lots of cash on delivery (COD) orders aren’t sent for a variety of reasons such as clients not being present or not getting money at the point in time. Some clients are said to provide incredible or irrational reasons for putting their yields.

This type of customer support “intervention” strategy is the business can enable intervening to stop refunds or client churn. It is suspected that this might become common among many businesses in recent years ahead, especially in B2C industries with huge volume.

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