• July 19th, 2022
  • Exito

How Digital-first Enterprises Future-proofing CX with Ozonetel

The Focus on Customer Experience (CX) was always there, but arguably the emphasis is at its greatest post the pandemic. With product differentiation getting extremely difficult, brands’ fate is now decided by the experience they provide. 

As per a survey, 89% of businesses compete primarily based on customer experience (CX), with 73% of consumers saying that CX is a deciding factor when making purchase decisions. What people buy, how they buy, where they live, how the interaction started – These questions form the boardroom discussion today. Every C-level executive thinks they know everything about their customers & potential customers. 

However, how many of them have matched up with the Customer Expectations? There is a difference between customer-obsessed and customer-centric. You don’t see it when you grow. You see it when you are unable to scale. 

Brands, both big and small, large & start-ups, are striving to fundamentally change how they used to communicate, with every interaction being evaluated through the lens of experience. Optimizing customer touchpoints and automating the communication through AI is the need of the hour, and there is no plan B.

Ozonetel, the leading CCaaS provider, empowers enterprises of all sizes to build unified customer journeys through cloud-based voice, chat, SMS & AI-powered self-service solutions. Customer-first brands trust Ozonetel for its effortless capabilities. Easy-to-use interface, straightforward navigation, intuitive workflows, and logical communication flow make Ozonetel a robust, reliable, scalable solution.

Besides, Ozonetel’s full-stack customer engagement platform is built with open APIs, offering businesses optimal flexibility and integrational possibilities. 

AI-powered Contact Centers powered by Ozonetel

Customer-facing conversational AI has transformed the CX landscape. The amalgamation of the NLP Technique with Traditional Communication mediums such as chatbots, voice assistants, or an interactive voice recognition system has unlocked efficiencies that can be reinvested to drive productivity and innovation. 

Ozonetel’s expertise in the business of experience driven by tech & data across verticals has positioned enterprises to effectively communicate, engage deeply, and accelerate long-term growth. Agent-facing AI technologies from Ozonetel offer instant context and conversation opportunities, thereby increasing the first call resolution rate and enhancing cross-selling & upselling instances.

Recently, Ozonetel won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Awards 2022 for the Speech Analytics technology, a testament to AI’s inevitable role in the future of conversation. Ozonetel’s speech analytics feature continues to earn rave reviews for keeping tabs on customers’ sentiments at a granular level and yielding critical business insights required for planning agent training, devising retention strategies, and more.

24×7 Self Service: 

Ozonetel blends the right mix of AI & human agents, making enterprises map customer intents on the go and only escalate issues to human agents with critical business significance. 

Immediate Results:

Productive agents. Superior CX. Achieving the tag of a digital-first organization.

Improve First Call Resolution Rate:

Smart IVR and skill-based routing ensure customer queries are handled at the right time by the right agent. A unified view of caller data coupled with agent-facing AI features help agents address caller’s issues quickly and efficiently.

Immediate Results:

Get an illustrated view of services’ strengths and weaknesses. Offers scope for process refinement and rich documentation.

Build Intelligent Bots:

“Sorry, I did not understand that. Can you repeat?” – It’s the most annoying thing about bots. On the contrary, Ozonetel’s bots possess the highest Natural Language Understanding (NLU) accuracy, comprehend human emotions, identify profanity, and eliminate gibberish conversations. 

Augment Daily Conversations:

Amidst growing consumer expectations, businesses and their digital touchpoints are under tremendous pressure to resolve queries faster and with great empathy. Conversational AI from Ozonetel can help enterprises to leverage real-time data, intelligent automation, and AI capabilities to build meaningful conversations that stay with customers. 

Immediate Results:

Transformed conversations. Scalable operations. Better Tooling & Less Infrastructure with CCaaS heightened needs around relevance, speed, and service continuity, only brands that are adaptable and inclined towards full-stack solutions will survive. Buyer’s rate Ozonetel highly for its automation-first approach, which is crucial in reducing OPEX. Ozonetel’s CCaaS solution helps clients optimally utilize the true power of deep CRM integration, break the siloed operations, and unify data for better supervision & decision making. 

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