Case study

How we achieved 91% conversion rate for an International giant in three days

Client: An International IT Giant

Business Challenge

Bringing unmanaged accounts to managed accounts. The client had a list of over 3000 unmanaged accounts but unable to reach the right prospects.

Client Expectation

Series of 3 hour workshops with founders from target organizations; unrepeated accounts within a span of 3 months. Each session required 60 founders to be tuned in.

What we bring to the table?

lesser Turn-around time, 80-90% conversion, and Quality audience.

Our approach –

We set up 5 teams with 2 individuals each and divided the target accounts. The team then researched the organizations and narrowed down the right names, designation, and, contact details.
As per client briefing, the team further created the messaging and invite which was shared with the sales team.


  • Completed 50 workshops with 60 attendees each within 3 months, taking up additional 8 workshops with the same client (additional 500 accounts.)
  • TAT of 3 working days for each workshop.
  • 70 confirmations & 64 attended – that’s 91% conversion rate in 3 days.
  • Contract signed up with client for the entire year.

Result -

Through meticulous research, concise messaging and, a clear value proposition, we completed 50 workshops with 60 attendees each within 3 months. Further, they went on to sign up for 8 more workshops with the same client who now had more than 500 accounts under their belt.

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