Exito tele-services is a set of services including consultative sales, lead generation, audience generation, feedback and response management, scheduling client meetings, and other support services. We are constantly developing and improving tele-operations to ensure quality hot leads churned out through a stringent qualification process.

Response Management

The audience generated for the client's customized events are managed post-event to garner feedback and judge their interest in procuring client's solutions. This is achieved by sharing a carefully and intricately curated feedback questionnaire, which is actively shared with all event attendees. The responses are then evaluated to pick qualified hot leads; next step being scheduling meeting appointments with these companies.

We ensure that every response to our clients' brand is dealt with professionally. Our team of skilled and result-driven representatives efficiently handle potential client calls and channelize questions and requests in the right direction. We are adept at handling spikes in volume to suit our clients' needs. In addition, we manage, measure, track and analyze responses for our clients' event or marketing initiatives. We work with our clients to develop and customize Response Management programs, using multiple channels, i.e., Voice, E-mail, SMS, Social Media.

Appointment Setting

Exito has come up with a unique initiative and a set of services that helps the client’s sales team with scheduling meetings and take their product or services boldly to their prospective customers. We understand the client's requirement, and their product before reaching out to the qualified leads from the wish list provided by the client, and schedule appointments for meeting at the prospects' facility in a given time frame.

We promise:

  • Guaranteed face to face meetings with prospects
  • Achieving monthly meetings target
  • Customizable service deck as per client’s requirement
  • Marketing assistance, if required
  • Dedicated SPOC or Account manager to coordinate on a daily basis
  • Lead profiling and targeting
  • Garnering feedback and communicating the same

The Appointment Setting Process:


Case Study

  • June 8th, 2021
  • Exito

How We Helped an IT Giant Penetrate the Indian Market with their ISVs.

Client:  An International IT Giant   No. of ISV`s worked with: 61Business ChallengeThe client needed a reliable appointment setting service to help them penetrate the Indian market,connecting them with the right contacts from large enterprises. Client Expectation – The client wanted initial introduction of the product and demo sessions for Sales Qualified Leads with a buying intent.(Defined.

  • June 8th, 2021
  • Exito

How we achieved 91% conversion rate for an International giant in three days

Client:  An International Business Challenge Bringing unmanaged accounts to managed accounts. The client had a list of over 3000 unmanaged accounts but unable to reach the right prospects.What we bring to the table? lesser Turn-around time, 80-90% conversion, and Quality audience.Client ExpectationSeries of 3 hour workshops with founders from target

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