Getting you closer to your prospect, With a class.

List building and profiling
Identifying the relevant target set is the first step in getting quality leads. This is what guides the entire got to market communication be it messaging or specific campaigning - from the top of the funnel until the bottom.

Comprehensive profiling -
Giving you a bird’s eye view we provide a detailed info on your prospect – prospects clients & competitor ecosystem. With basic to top management information our reports provide you details about important contacts including email addresses and phone numbers, planned investments, financial status, growth directions and key decision maker contacts.

Specific Profiling –
What happens when a stranger turn into an acquaintance? If he is important you make sure he is there on your friend list and to do that you need to build a relation. With needle sharp focus we provide you information that helps you stand out. This comes out in your messaging, the time you dissipate the message, the medium and any special benefit you provide along with the message. Our research team digs out the details that translate into a win –win situation for you.
Lead nurturing & Progression
Not in Sight is not in mind. This digitized state of affairs and over messaging leaves an even smaller window for your brand recall. That’s why we, at Exito make sure your prospects are followed up with the right information and relevant content about you. Making sure the prospects are ever clear about your value proposition. At the same time updating you about the much needed business intelligence about the decision making process as we believe business connections to be a function of dialogues rather than monologues.

Our niche in deliverables –
  • Target company summary – Info including company’s initiative, growth opportunity and pain points.
  • Current prospect’s business relations with the current vendor and the USPs of the vendor ecosystem.
  • A real life SWOT analysis proven by in-depth research.
  • Insights regarding the purchase and the solution implementation
  • Insights about the business needs and the budgets associated.
Enterprise Lead generation
How you generate your leads, the approach and the amount of time you spend generating leads decides a great deal on your success in the market place. Basis your sales cycle and marketing funnel we understand your exact needs and definition of a lead and work towards the goals that contribute in your sales funnel. With better conversion rates the leads we generate are qualified through in-depth probing so that you can work better towards closure. Hot opportunity is a candy that everyone eyes, we just make it a reality.