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  • September 10th, 2019
  • Exito

How to improve Companies Customer Satisfaction.

At Tata Communications, we believe in putting Customer Experience at the heart of our Digital strategy. This supported by our service philosophy of Whatever its takes is helping us transform our customer service – streamlining and simplifying digital engagement, offering personalisation and identifying pain points before they escalate into problems.

The foundational components critical in driving CX are simplicity and personalization. With this in mind, we have changed our processes and platforms to become a leading service support company in the telecoms industry. Our customer-centric culture is supported by a Robust Digital Ecosystem that aims to deliver value at every touch point, internal and external.

As customers evolve their business models, organizations need to go beyond the basics of just offering SLAs and helpdesks by understanding the customers’ business, their stakeholders and their unique needs. You need to build a service wrap and dedicated team to support customers in their digital journey, enhancing their experience and user productivity to help them manage business risk.

At Tata Communications, we are committed to one standard global process that reduces risk and ensures a consistent experience for our customers, no matter where the project is being delivered. And when the focus is right, you have the results to prove it.

Organisations need to continually look for new and innovative ways to gain as much customer feedback as possible and use that to increase Customer Engagement. Customers aren’t contracts but relationships that need to be nurtured. We recently enhanced our customer reference programme into a customer advocacy programme based on the underlying theme of ‘share, inspire, co-create’ – share your journey, inspire your peers and co-create with us. We relooked at the way we were taking feedback from customers and most importantly, how we were acting on that feedback and communicating the same to the customer. We made our CSAT more concise and increased the frequency. We sent regular updates to customers on the action points and this has helped us get more qualitative feedback, because now the customers trust us with their time and insights. Simple things like communicating frequently and sticking to your word can do wonders.

With this approach, we are enabling our teams to deliver a superior service that ultimately delivers real results. We have invested in systems and processes to aggregate real time customer sentiments from direct, indirect and social platforms and insights from the same have helped us provide better visibility and flexibility along with pro-active service management. 

In today’s digital world, it is imperative for us to be able to showcase our services to customers in a real-life environment. Over the past one year, we have launched Cyber Security Response Centres  across the globe for customers to look at and experience the day-to-day work that we do to ensure that our customer service is the best that it can be. Through augmented reality and other new tools, enabling this experience is even simpler and that too at global scale

These initiatives are coupled with personalisation of service plans based on a differentiated service model, multilingual service support desk overviewed by subject matters expert team. We have adopted agile methodologies in both IT development and business processes.

These initiatives have helped resolve 88% of customer issues within four hours and ensure at least 90% of customer incidents are proactively identified. These are not just internal milestones – we won 5 prestigious CX awards last year, we have 80+ reviews on Gartner Peer Insights – 80% of which are a rating of 4 or above (on scale of 5) and we have a strong customer reference base of more than 450 customers and its growing every month.

As Tata Communications evolves to be a global digital infrastructure provider, we’ve transitioned the traditional service models into digital relationships for stronger ownership, better service performance and improved recommendations based on strong data and analytics.

Improved customer experience is the single largest strategic priority for telcos globally. Transforming the entire customer service strategy is an opportunity that IT decision makers should jump on to. It is fundamental to the success of today’s digital businesses because seamless and effortless customer experiences will increasingly determine if customers will stick with you and be your advocate in the market. That in itself is the best kind of reference or marketing your business could ask for.

– Akhilesh Saxena, Vice President, Global Service Delivery

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