• August 22nd, 2019
  • Exito

Four reasons to start mapping your customer journey

The path to purchase or conversion is no longer linear, with customers often using a variety of devices and channels.

Abridged & inspired by Nikki Gilliland  article for EConsultancy & in association with salesforce- econsultancy article link

For marketers, creating a consistent customer experience in this context is a big challenge & now the same applies not only to them but to all stakeholders of a business beyond marketing also, such as operational departments and other direct customer facing teams to support teams.

With the marketplace becoming crowded more than ever the only way to differentiate yourself is by a superior Customer experience or in popular parlance also known as CX!

The Four benefits to consider are-

  1. To enhance personalisation
  2. To uncover inconsistencies
  3. To identify pain points
  4. To achieve strategic goals

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