Atul Govil
  • August 23rd, 2019
  • Exito

CTO Talks – Atul Govil Chief Transformation Officer, Head (SAP & IT) at India Glycols Limited

In this dizzily increasing speed of technological changes it is critical for companies to stay ahead of technology trends and be able to anticipate disruptions. Technology, especially information technology, is also dissolving boundaries between industries and creating whole new business models. Hear is a candid conversation with Mr.Atul Govil from India Glycols Limited sharing his experience as a CTO.

Where do you see the CTO/CIO role heading in the future?

Increasingly progressive companies will see the role of Chief Technology/Information Officer switch to that of a Chief Transformation officer, one who drives business transformation initiatives across the enterprise, along with domain & project specific cross-functional teams. Usage of technology in these initiatives will be centered on either driving Operational efficiencies, costs reduction or co-create new business models for new revenue/profit sources. To do so, CTO will have to get a deeper understanding the processes in the value stream and have a credible voice within the key stakeholders.  

What are the digital transformation efforts that you are spearheading at India Glycols?

Besides setting up a robust, agile Digital Core, we are actively leveraging current age technologies like IIOT, RPA, Blockchain, Warehouse Automation & Analytics, to drive tangible business outcomes. Adoption of Cloud, Mobility basis the business imperatives, is also being fast tracked.

What are the expected digital trends in the chemicals industry?

Higher usage of IIOT to improve asset utilization, yields, throughput, energy consumption will continue to be core focus for the Chemical Industry – in it’s constant pursuit to drive Operational excellence initiatives. In addition, technologies like RPA will see a higher adoption in repetitive Accounting, Procurement, Production confirmation and Inventory recon processes. Using Track and trace using RFID, smart warehousing and fleet management systems will build a more efficient, transparent supply chain –reducing linked costs & time to market. Touchless order fulfillment will be a goal which companies will aim in years to come. For EXIM processes and such processes wherein multiple business entities, intermediaries are involved, Blockchain holds a very strong promise and a stronger opportunity. 

What are your key tech priorities in the next coming years?

Besides scaling adoption of the foresaid technologies, in next few years focus will be to drive the next level of growth through digital business services (in B2B), Customer & Employee experience centric initiatives  – to bridge the gap in User experiences within & outside of office (the great divide between appealing Consumer apps vs not- as appealing Enterprise apps). Re-skilling self, team and being aware of the new, potentially disruptive tech and it’s applicability to the enterprise will remain fundamental –to frame due action with engagement of respective domain.   

Meet Atul Govil Chief Transformation Officer, Head (SAP & IT) at India Glycols Limited and know more about his organization’s digital transformation journey during the 13th Edition Manufacturing IT Summit in Mumbai on 12th September 2019.

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